Goodbye Tertium Squid


After Real Live Preacher died, I started a blog called Tertium Squid. Most of the writing there reflected my wanderings – still ongoing – through the wilderness on the outskirts of the Church. I wrote there about once a month or so for a number of years.

But I think that blog has run its course. For one thing, no one understands what Tertium Squid means, and I’m not sure I even remember.

All the posts from Tertium Squid have been moved to this website. And going forward, this will be where I write.

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  • When I read the Head, I was afraid you were “going dark” so to speak. Fortunately, your last sentence has assured me that you will continue blessing our lives with your writing. I have updated my RSS feed. Thank you.

    • Thanks Larry. I guess that title was a bit gloomy. But the situation is that I’m now working with a publisher. And it is to my advantage to use my name and not some odd thing like Tertium Squid, which while I found it to be funny initially, isn’t much for establishing any sort of brand or recognition. And while that sort of marketing stuff is dreary to think about, it’s pretty important if one is to have a relationship with a publisher.

      • Well, one must keep one’s publisher happy, I suppose, although I wouldn’t know first hand. Although I am a “published author”, I doubt that the Journal of Chemical Physics publishers care much about what I do one way or the other. 😉