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Written as a series of connected stories, Foy: A Novel by Gordon Atkinson is where we meet Baptist minister Foy Davis. From boyhood adventures in Fort Davis and Houston, Texas, to his unorthodox ministry in San Antonio, to his subsequent bolt from church life to New Orleans, we follow the thread of one man’s struggle with the place of religion in his life.

With clarity and spare dialogue, Gordon Atkinson portrays a good, caring man who is escaping his history to step into a more authentic life, even if it is a strange and frightening thing. As Foy attempts to salvage what he can of the religion he once knew, the reader is invited to walk along with him on this journey.

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Gordon Atkinson, BA, Mdiv, is the author of blog RealLivePreacher.Com (Offline with selected archives here) and Tertium Squid, where he writes about current events and comments on important things like biking, whiskey, heavenly bodies, stars, depression, tea, theology and people he finds amusing.  He is the author of the books, RealLivePreacher.Com, Turtles all the Way Down and The Christmas Story You Have Never Heard.  He is a contributor to the magazine Christian Century and was the founding editor for the High Calling website, which brought together hundreds of independent writers and featured their work. His writing was chosen to be included in The Best Christian Writing 2004 and his book RealLivePreacher.com (Wm. B. Eerdmans) won the Independent Publisher award for best creative, non-fiction when it was published. This is his first novel.