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Saturday I’ll be at this book festival in Dallas at the Material Media booth, signing books and networking and whatever else one does at things like this. I want to be honest about something. I don’t really want to do this. But I am trying to be more assertive about my writing and be available for promotional things. I did promise Elizabeth and Jen from Material Media that I would quit being such a hermit and be part of the publicity side of things.

They’re right of course. I need to be grown-up and realistic about the business side of writing.

So this Saturday, from sometime after 10am until sometime in the afternoon, I’ll be at this Dallas book festival thing with a little table and some books and a pen.

Here is an example of the kind of interaction I’m expecting:

Woman meanders over to the table. Picks up a copy of “Foy.” I’m trying to make eye contact and be engaging but also not stare at her so as to make her uncomfortable. I have no idea how to find that balance. So I just sort of look near her and try to be ready to engage should she seem maybe to want that.

D’you write this?

I did. Yes.


She nods and lifts the cover closer to her face. She flips the book over and reads something from the back cover. At this point I sense she is trying to show interest since the freakin author is RIGHT THERE. She slowly puts the book down.

Looks interesting. I might have to, I might come back by. I’m not buying anything right now. But I will definitely keep this in…it looks really good.

Hey, thanks.

She walks away

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend a Saturday?  :-/

Jen Jutz of Material Media will be there, and she’s smart and funny. So we’ll have some laughs. This is a thing I need to do and am going to do. I am. And I will try to be present and engaging and personable and winsome and whatever else I need to be. I will do and be whatever I need to be and do at this thing on Saturday. This thing I said I would go to weeks and weeks ago when it was just something in the far distant future. And now the thing is here, and it turns out I actually have to go to it – since I said I would – and for some reason that caught me by surprise.

Anyone want to buy a copy of Foy. I”ll <cringe> sign it.



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