Something drives a writer to words. Almost any motivation can have dignity, but you better damn well know what brings you to this work.

I have written for money. I have written for praise. I have written to bolster my reputation. I have written for obligations I did not understand and still cannot name. These motivations are not evil in themselves, but they will not lead you to your best writing.

What follows is the first draft of my writer’s manifesto. I intend to return to this document in the future, changing it as the work of writing changes me.

Some General Rules:
  1. Strive only for truth, clarity, and a good sound.
  2. Do not write with a desire for money or fame. If some small measure of either comes to you, humbly accept the former and regretfully the latter.
  3. Do not try to impress people or to be clever.
  4. Do not be driven the expectations of others.
Some rules that apply more specifically to me because of my own history:
  1. Do not worry about how Christians react to your writing.
  2. Remember that you are not responsible for anyone else’s spiritual journey.

This is a work in progress. Any comments left here are welcomed and will be considered part of this ongoing conversation.


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