Tuesday, April 3rd. The 42nd day of Lent.

First the Hamstring.

For those who didn’t read my previous post, after almost a year of vigorous exercise and dieting, I was feeling pretty good about myself and eager to take my new body out for a spin. I played softball for the Saint Luke’s team and forgot to stretch my legs. I pulled my hamstring on the second ground ball hit to me at third base. Pulled it bad.

How bad? This is how bad. I had no idea you could pull a muscle and it would bruise.

This bad boy put me out of commission for a few days. But I’m back to full exercises now. It’s still a little sore but not slowing me down. I’ll be back at the softball diamond with the Episcopalians a week from Easter.

Maybe I’ll see if I can play in the outfield this time.

Writing Update

We’re moving toward the end of Lent. Today is my 42nd straight day of writing. It feels good to get back in the swing of this discipline. I feel that I’ve recaptured something within myself, something that feeds my creative impulse.

What’s going to happen after Lent? Well, I’ll probably take a week off. I need to migrate this Drupal site over to WordPress. I’m closing down my Drupal server. I’m not getting Drupal clients anymore. My work is turning more toward managing sites and writing for SEO purposes. There is a technical guy here in town that will host any clients I get that need the kind of server strength a Drupal site requires.

After I get the site migrated, I’m wanting to produce regular writing here. Blogging is not what it used to be. Most of the conversations have moved over to Facebook. But I kind of like that blogging is on the outs. Not everyone has a blog anymore. That’s a good thing. A writer doesn’t really care what’s hot and popular. The only thing that matters is getting the work done. And I like writing in this medium.

Thanks for hanging with me all through Lent.


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