Wednesday, March 28th. The 36th day of Lent.

I’m correct in thinking that everyone who does one of these “write every day in Lent” things is allowed at least one completely sucky entry, right?

I hope so.

Cause I’ve been on the computer all day writing articles for my clients AND meeting with a client trying to get her website finalized. And all I can think about is my hamstring.

Believe it or not, Sunday was the first time I’ve ever really pulled a muscle. In all the years that I was an athlete, I never did. I had some injuries but not the classic “pull up short and grab the back of your leg” muscle pull. And of course the 30 years I spent watching TV, writing, working on the computer, or reading never lead to any physical injuries.

I don’t know what actually caused the muscle injury. I didn’t notice it until I stood up. At some point while I was scrabbling around in the dirt in a panic, trying to grab a ball, tag a runner, and make a quick throw to second, my leg just said, “Screw it, we’re done here.”

Anyway, I took a few days off of my workout schedule. Rested a bit. Leg is still sore but now it feels more like muscle soreness after a workout instead of a sharp, ripping pain. Bob Gorinski (PT) left me a comment and said not to stretch it. So I haven’t. Today I did what I would call a 90% Plyometrics workout. Leg felt good as long as the movement wasn’t stretching the hamstring too much.

Funny how I miss my workouts now if I can’t do them.

Eh, that’s all I got tonight.


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