Don’t we really already have a form of socialized medicine? Is the free market really what we have now? I don’t think so. I don’t think I choose my doctor and pay for my doctor and go to another doctor if I’m not happy. Those days are long gone.
We pay a kind of tax to a governing body. And we don’t really choose our own doctors anymore. We go to those approved by the larger governing body. And the larger governing body now makes many of the calls about our healthcare. They pay for this treatment but not that. You get this much but not that much. The governing body looks at its guidelines and either pays or doesn’t pay. And doctors/hospitals must go along. The governing body, in many cases, sets its own rates. Rates that healthcare professionals are forced to accept, since they can’t negotiate with the larger governing body, which has a lot of power and leverage.

Sort of like how Donald Trump sometimes doesn’t pay people or sets his own rate. You take what he will give you because what are your options?
The only question is, what entity would make a better governing body for our healthcare? Profit driven insurance companies or the government?
I don’t want to argue whether or not government agencies are less efficient that private companies in a free market. I’d say the free market almost always wins that comparison. BUT we’re not choosing between the government and a free market healthcare system.
We must choose which governing and controlling bureaucratic body will do the best job of running healthcare, setting fair prices, etc. for the well being of our citizenry.
You want the government making those calls? Or do you want Humana?
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