i let him out after 39 months in solitary

i hadnt planned on it but my new friends are so nice and they asked if i would teach a bible study but just for three weeks so that was fine and of course i said okay because i like them and im happy to help out

i hadnt checked on him for so long and i wondered if maybe he was dead but he came right out and started with the usual demands he wanted his favorite books and an easel and a bible map and a big table and a bigger chunk of time and of course for me to get up early the morning of and pay the required emotional fees

he seemed a little more tame this time but he was definitely on stage and loving it he did fine he was sort of charming and a little funny and fielded questions with some grace i have to admit he is pretty good at this kind of thing dont ask me how he does it because i have no idea and i usually cant remember anything he said after an hour or so

after i pushed him back into his cell i took inventory to see what he stole from me this time but nothing was missing which surprised me

i thought about it

a lot

and i dont think he can hurt me anymore because i dont have to bring him out every week just to feed my children

Gordon Atkinson



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