Here are the stories in chronological order:

Boyhood Stories:
Childhood Like a Dream
Bearing Witness
Personal Savior
Freckles and Blue
Queen’s Gambit

When Foy Was A Minister (before his divorce):
Hold You Me
Letting Stanley
Queen’s Gambit (sort of)
The Sermon
Say Words over Me

Leaving The Ministry (A trilogy):
Extreme Unction
De Nada
Mardi Gras

The Divorce

A Question of Grace

Foy’s New Life:

Cold Calling
Came Grief and Compassion
Secret Powers
Church Watching
The Other Side
Captain Crunch
Modern Mythology
A Dangerous Man
Reading Palms
Spiritual Direction

No specific date. Sometime after Foy leaves the ministry:

What a Fool Believes 
I Buy Thirteens

2021. Foy is 60:

Fear Not Little Lambs