Saying Goodbye to the Naked Tennis Ball


Because really, don’t you think it’s time to move on to more serious subjects?

So my mind was made up. Destroy the little stone house. Throw the tennis ball back into the woods. Move on with my life. Find something better to write about. Something, I don’t know, theological. I do have a seminary degree. And I think I have some notes somewhere on an idea I had about the fragmentation of evangelical ecclesiology in post-modern America.

Okay, I’m warning you before you read any further. This situation is about to get freaky.

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  • John Purssey

    The link no longer works, nor can I find it on the LL website.

    • Hey John. Yeah, they removed all the pilgrim posts when the redid the website. I have the essays. At some point here I will move them over here. I had forgotten that the contents aren’t here, just links.