Call Me Pilgrim


In 2012, I’ve been asked to write as the anonymous character “Pilgrim” for the High Calling. My Pilgrim Posts at Laity Lodge will not be¬†continuing. Instead Pilgrim will tell us what it’s been like to enter the secular workforce.


You can call me Pilgrim.

In 2012 I wrote a series of essays at the Laity Lodge website, mostly about my spiritual journey in the months after I left the church I had pastored for eighteen years. If you read any of those essays, you might have wondered how Pilgrim was making a living.
And that would be a good question. When a seminary trained, professional minister decides that he or she no longer wishes to be employed by a church, what is it like to move to the world of secular employment?…

Read the rest of this essay at the High Calling.

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  • Hi Gordon,

    I just finished this article over at The High Calling. Before my cancer diagnosis I’d started following your RLP blog, and loved your work – especially the way you wrote about your faith in practice. I dropped back to posting on Caring Bridge during my illness, and just this month have returned to blogging. It took a few steps to find you here, but they were well worth it. Keep writing your life’s story large up here – we’ll keep reading – and thanks for the honesty!