Where is Real Live Preacher?

Where is Real Live Preacher?

Greetings to those who were forwarded to this site from RealLivePreacher.com.

The Real Live Preacher blog lived from 2002 until 2013. I stopped writing for it in 2010.

It was a complex site with a massive database resulting from years of entries, comments, etc. It survived three or four Drupal upgrades, but it required work and expense to keep it online. And honestly, no one needed or wanted to see everything I ever wrote and every comment ever left there.

I do have the entire site archived safely, in case I ever want to bring it back. That is doubtful. I just can’t imagine a scenario that would justify that kind of work and trouble.

But what about that one essay you remember and were looking for?

I am flattered to find that on occasion someone remembers something I wrote and would like to read it again. Click here to submit a request for me to bring back one of the RLP essays or stories. Over time I hope to develop a nice archive of the old material on this site.

I do have a new blog – Tertium Squid. But I’m still figuring out what I want to do with it. So it only gets updated once a month or so. I have a new life and career. Currently most of my energy goes to the righteous cause of making a living. But I keep dreaming of rediscovering the desire and drive to write.

We shall see.



  • For any fans of RLP, it is archived on the internet archive at http://web.archive.org/web/20130402222252/http://www.reallivepreacher.com/

    Also, Gordon, just want to say best wishes to you in your future adventures. Please know that your honest and frank words did a lot of good for many of us on the margins of faith and ministry.

    • Those archives are very hard to navigate though. the search function on the archived page won’t work, unfortunately. But if it works for someone…great.

      • ohbothersaidpooh

        It just worked for me. Man, those RLPDV’s…awesome. I don’t suppose you’d consider bringing those back, would you?

        • At some point I will. But I have a publisher now who is taking some financial risk on my old material. She has indicated the possibility of using those, perhaps as soon as 2016 or 17. So for now I’m leaving them offline officially.

          • ohbothersaidpooh

            That’s great news (the publishing part, at least). Will it fall under RLPrevived or Tertium Squid?

          • probably will be in a book. If you want any of them, contact me by email or FB and I’ll send you manuscripts.


  • LutheranHusker

    Hey Gordon…I’ve actually got a few requests. The two that I come back to over and over and that I consistently have sent people to, pieces that would be a loss to the world were they not online, are the two you did on homosexuality: “I Have No Title For This” and the followup with the exegesis. Your RLPDV pieces were incredible, and inspired me to write a couple dramatized versions of my own–I’d love to see those online again. I know there are more…that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.

  • Devin

    Gordon, you’re back! I hope you’re doing well in your new life and career. I used to read your blog, uh, religiously for several years, and was sorry to see it go. Never commented or anything, but I’ve always really enjoyed your writing.

    I was just exporting my old stuff from Google Reader and noticed that I had a couple of your articles starred. The funny thing is, the ones I starred aren’t the ones I can vividly recall off the top of my head. The ones that really, truly stood out for me were: the story of your family’s visit to the Orthodox church, your video series about hell, and the Covenant stories, particularly the one about the young man who carved his initial into the tree. Could you maybe cross-post some of the Covenant stories? As a young lay minister, I always found them enormously comforting! (They appear to be online if you search for them specifically, but the index is broken over on High Calling.)

  • Storyteller Easterkind

    Hello there. I’m on a Macbook and was unable to request a RLP essay. I tried Safari and Chrome, and in neither case could I find any button to press to Submit my request. On the “contact me” page were the words, Recaptcha, but still no button or image to try to decipher or anything. 🙁

    In the hopes that letting you know about this bug will lead to a fix, I send best wishes and New Year’s greetings.

    Storyteller Easterkind

  • Shan Lim

    There are quite a few blog hosting sites that provides free blogging websites when you create a free account. I use WordPress.com to write and post articles concerning the Bible and Elohim. Though the edit functions are limited, it is adequate to serve my purpose. You can open two or more blog sites or create a few accounts and transfer your archived articles over there at your convenience.

    I don’t try to set schedule or timeline to write and post my articles. I pray to Elohim about it and let the Holy Spirit leads me however He deems fit at His will so that only His will is done and not mine. I also don’t worry about the stats when few or no visitors followed my blog or view my articles or make comment. I leave it all up to Elohim if that’s His will. It’s His job and not mine.

  • Wilfried84